23 Tips for New Caregivers

January, 2020 CAREX.com
Kay Bransford offered a variety of key tips from her caregiving journey:

  • Meaning and Purpose is a basic human need. Assist a loved one side-by-side to pay bills, catch up on email, make a meal. Allow them to take part in feeling a sense of self and purpose.
  • Dementia can prevent loved ones from seeing their own deficit. I thought my Mom was being stubborn, but most people that have had a stroke or are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s cannot perceive that they are unable to perform the tasks they have always done. Accept it and work to assist them in maintaining purpose in their lives or get help from someone who can assist them.
  • Find a Way to Savor Your Time. I was so busy as a caregiver, I missed out on just hanging out with my mom and sharing a walk, doing a puzzle or activity together. I wish I had brought in more help so I could be a daughter and not have all my time with her be spent as a caregiver.


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