Managing your daily finances can feel overwhelming.

It does not have to be. As your trusted partner and professional financial advocate, we worry about bills, taxes, cash flow, and your important documents so you don't have to.


Daily Money Management Services

  • Pay bills on time
  • Manage cash flow and expenses
  • Submit healthcare claims
  • Eliminate fraud and abuse
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What If Kit - 2023


  • This guide will help every adult organize their most important information in less than 1 hour.
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Our award-winning products and services will benefit every member of your family.

Providing Personal Financial Assistance for all Stages of Life

Busy Professionals

  • Does your work and travel schedule disrupt your ability to stay on top of daily finances?
  • Do you often return home to a large stack of unopened mail and a long list of personal tasks?
  • Are you creating disarray by trying to divide and conquer daily financial matters with your partner?
Active Retirees

Active Retirees

  • Does managing your financial affairs create stress and anxiety?
  • Are you worried about paying too much for some products and services?
  • Do you move between multiple homes or locations during the year?
 Adult Caregivers

Adult Caregivers

  • Are you able to manage your loved one’s daily financial needs without overwhelming your own life?
  • Does managing a family member’s financial matters create tension in your relationship?
  • Are you worried about your loved one being a victim of fraud and abuse?

How MemoryBanc got started

Kay H. Bransford discusses how helping her parents fueled the creation of the MemoryBanc Register and Daily Money Management services.

Three great tools to help you get organized:

Taming the Internet

MemoryBanc Workbook

Start here with a workbook to get organized

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MemoryBanc Binder

MemoryBanc® Register

Expandable, tailored solution with free refills

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MemoryBanc Digital

MemoryBanc Digital

Portable, digital

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Review 1

“My husband and I were like many other couples. We had wills, and we felt like our ‘estate’ was generally in order. I paid some bills, he paid others … but in truth, we weren’t 100 percent sure what the other did or where all our account information was.”

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Review 2

“My husband and I are already very organized. But we didn’t have everything in one place, and with three kids, we couldn’t help but wonder, ‘What if?’ ”

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Review 3

“ husband’s filing system made sense to him but not to me... and this book helped guide me, step-by-step, through the process of getting on paper everything I would need to know.”

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