What our clients say about the MEMORYBANC MONOGRAPH


“My son grew up in this country and does not know much about my family. I am going to complete the MemoryBanc Monograph and give it as a gift to my son. This is a great product for the children of the first generation immigrants.”



“Being faced with aging parents, the MemoryBanc Monograph was a life saver. I not only found it useful for my needs with my parents, but my wife bought several as gifts for her friends who are at the same stage in life. The product is very well constructed and has captured every detail that one would could think of and more. I especially liked the ability to expand with more pages. It’s well worth the money and the memories it captures are priceless.”



What our clients say about the MEMORYBANC REGISTER


“When I heard about this product, I knew I just had to have one. When my dad became ill and my sister and I had to take over for him, trying to make sense of his finances and insurance and well just anything was a nightmare. Not only were we dealing with the emotional roller coaster of his illness but then having to deal with all the paperwork and finding information made it even more stressful. I vowed I would never put my kids through that. I can’t wait to get everything organized through this MemoryBanc Register.  Everyone should have one of these.”



“I gave [MemoryBanc Registers] as gifts to both my parents and my in laws. After a family friend passed away, leaving his family with a bit of a mess on their hands with his estate, I decided to buy these books to help our loved ones get organized. I’ve received many compliments and thanks, as it makes it so much easier to put everything in one place.”



“Wish we’d had something like this to help us with our parents when we needed it years ago – would have been a great help. Will be ordering one for us now. Our kids will be so grateful.”