SENIOR ADULTS: How Chris transitioned household finances when health issues emerged

couple-bench“When I first heard about MemoryBanc, I thought it sounded like a great solution for keeping financial details in order, so I purchased two: one for my mother, and one for my husband and me. My mother is 89, and although my sister handles most of her affairs and has everything organized by her own system, I thought this could help supplement it. My husband was terminally ill, and I knew I had to start taking a bigger role in our finances.

As it turned out, I realized very quickly that my husband’s filing system made sense to him but not to me, and because we had ‘divided and conquered’ household responsibilities for so long, I just didn’t have a firm grip on our investments and finances. I know it’s not uncommon, but it was still an eye-opener for me … and this book helped guide me, step-by-step, through the process of getting on paper everything I would need to know. My husband was focusing on his illness and just wanted to believe everything would be okay, but I also needed to feel comfortable that when he did pass away, I’d know where our assets were—for myself and for our two children. We started working on it piece by piece, and I’m so grateful we started when we did; his illness made it hard for him to think clearly for a sustained time, and as we filled the book out, I was able to realize that he really wasn’t functioning as well as I thought he was. This book really helped us in so many ways.

Ultimately, the MemoryBanc system staved off a lot of anxiety and distress, and it has allowed me to be a good steward for the finances that he handled so well, for so long.”                                                                                                                                                      ~ Chris