How to Bring Clients to You

What if you could bring 50 prospects to your office to learn why it’s important to start or update their estate plans? And what if you could do it for $795?

This is your chance, but you need to be one of the first metro-DC estate firms to respond.

Last year, AARP Foundation awarded MemoryBanc with “Older-Adult Focused Innovation” and in a few months, our workbook (MemoryBanc: Your Workbook For Organizing Life) will be released in bookstores across the United States for $17.95.

We will provide you with a complete event for just $795 (includes 50 Workbooks and a 30 minute presentation on the key reasons why estate planning and organization is important. by the author, Kay H. Bransford). This is a $2,095 value and is only being offered to the first 3 firms to respond.

3DcoverMemoryBanc: Your Workbook For Organizing Life, written by Kay H. Bransford, is a practical workbook to help couples share account numbers, usernames, and medical and household details so that they can stay on the same page; it also provides individuals a solution to easily share this information should they ever need a loved one to step in and help them.

Most American’s know they should get their papers in order and hire a lawyer to get their estate plans in place. So why do more than 50% of them die without a Will? Fear, ignorance, disorganization … you meet them every day. Let us help you bring them into your offices so together we can educate them on the importance of getting organized and putting the right legal protections in place. To learn more about Kay H. Bransford and the origins of MemoryBanc, watch this video.

For $795, we will deliver 50 copies of the MemoryBanc Workbook and have Kay H. Bransford come to your office and provide a one-hour book-signing and speaking engagement to the first 3 firms in the DC area to respond. We will confirm a mutually-agreed upon date and time for your event in March, April or May, 2015.

You can find more information on the MemoryBanc Workbook by visiting any of these sites to learn about the pre-release discounted prices:
Amazon ($13.95)
Barnes and Nobel ($13.67)
BooksaMillion ($13.64)

Each event is custom-tailored to your audience. Our most popular 30-minute speaking engagement is detailed below and can integrate one of your estate lawyers. 

Organizing and Protecting your Personal & Financial Details
A fire, flood, or other natural disaster can steal away your important documents and details in the blink of an eye. A disability, if only temporary, can require family and friends to step in and help. Organizing and protecting your documents, account information and asset details is a necessity of daily living. Join us to take control of your personal, financial, medical, online and household information. In this workshop, attendees will:

  • learn how to organize important documents and details;
  • understand when and why legal tools are needed;
  • recognize how health care issues can change your needs;
  • know which papers to keep and for how long;
  • find out if you are entitled to more than $68 billion in unclaimed funds sitting with state and federal treasurers;