My Mission to Help 250,000 People This Year

startbuttonThis mission is important to me because my parents actually did everything they were told to do, but my job as the family caregiver has been tremendous and challenging. My parents had estate plans in place, an organized financial plan, and purchased life insurance and documented their burial wishes. What most families are not prepared for is that 7 out of 10 adults over 65 years of age will need 3 or more years of long-term care and support. I needed medical history, household improvements, online account access … just to mention a few important details.

While this information is important in a crisis, it will make your own household management and coordination simpler. To read about how active young families use MemoryBanc, visit Tammy’s story.

This month, I’m offering a free tool to help organize and document usernames and passcodes. It’s an excerpt from my book, MemoryBanc: Your Workbook for Organizing Life, which is available from a variety of online and retail bookstores.

tamingtheinternetDownload “Taming the Internet: Keeping Track of Online Passcodes” that includes:

  • a worksheet for documenting your important usernames and passcodes
  • a worksheet for recording your online security questions and answers
  • information on why documenting this information is important for you and your loved ones

If you have children with online accounts, I recommend you give them copies of these worksheets to complete and seal. Most families aren’t aware that if something were to happen to a minor, even their parent is not entitled to access to the accounts and the information could be gone forever.

>> Click here to download “Taming the Internet: Keeping Track of Online Passcodes.”