How to Show Mom You Care

“I’m one of five children, and when I was designated the one who would handle our mother’s financial information, I felt an enormous responsibility not only to keep things organized for my siblings, but also to represent our mother’s wishes accurately. She’s a proactive, vibrant, and organized woman, and I wanted a solution that would fulfill my obligation while maintaining her approach to life.


I learned about MemoryBanc, and I knew immediately that I had found the answer. I talked with my mother ahead of time about what we would need to complete the book, and then we got together one afternoon and populated the entire book together, in one sitting. It’s incredibly user-friendly, and my mother and I both enjoyed the process. I felt a sense of relief, knowing I was meeting my family’s expectations, while my mother felt an enormous sense of appreciation, knowing that what we were doing was not necessarily for her, but for her children. She recognized that, yes, it would help keep us organized today … but after she passed, this was really a gift to her family, ensuring we have everything in order.

The process has inspired my husband and me. Now that we’ve taken care of my mother’s affairs, it’s time to springboard into putting our own book together for our family. That’s what MemoryBanc is all about—peace of mind.”

– Lea