Couples Who Want to Stay on the Same Page

“My husband and I were like many other couples. We had wills, and we felt like our estate was generally in order. I paid some bills, he paid others, but in truth, we weren’t 100 percent sure what the other did or where all our account information was. We knew it was time to get our financial affairs in order, including setting up a revocable trust and deciding on an executor. We needed, in short, to get organized, and that process had to start with each of us understanding what the other did.

SarahMemoryBanc was the springboard to get us going. We use the hard copy  version, which we found very easy to customize, even to the point of adding a zippered compartment to hold important keys. After we completed it, we gave a copy to our daughter so that if anything happens to either of us, she’ll know exactly where everything is.

“I also own a small business, and my husband now has clear instructions about what to do if something happened to me—from short-term instructions about handling client inquiries or referring them, to longer-term instructions about suspending or canceling vendor services and subscriptions.

I’m retired Navy, and organization is important to me. Everything has to be in its place, and that’s what the MemoryBanc book does. It’s become the centerpiece of all our planning, and it’s played an invaluable role in helping us get my business, our estate, and our financial lives truly organized.”

– Sarah