Estate Planning Options

MemoryBanc offers a variety of programs and services to support Estate Attorneys. The most popular options include the MemoryBanc® Register – the product that resulted in the “Older-Adult Focused Innovation” award from AARP.

Some of the ways Estate Attorneys are using the MemoryBanc Register include:

Order the MemoryBanc Register Combo Edition.
When a clients asks you how to organize and document all of their assets, you can suggest they order a MemoryBanc Register Combo Edition ($65.00 plus tax and shipping). The MemoryBanc Register will prompt them through the collection of not just their personal and financial assets, but their medical, online and household accounts and pass codes. MemoryBanc services (if they register) will prompt them to update their information, send free page updates and provide reminders to ensure they get the information organized. This typically replaces the pages you may provide in the estate plan with a robust solution to gather, collect and update account details and keep access codes current.

The completed estate plan is then included in the binder and an electronic copy is scanned and added to the thumbdrive edition.

Order Wholesale Editions of the MemoryBanc Register.
As you evaluate ways to enhance your service delivery, consider the MemoryBanc Register Print EditionIndividual orders can be purchased at the retail cost of $55.00 plus tax and shipping, but bulk orders in blocks of ten can be purchased at wholesale price of $25.00 plus tax and shipping. Some opt to include in the price of their service and others add it to the final bill as the retail price as client interests and needs are identified.

Brand Wholesale Editions of the MemoryBanc Register.

High-volume Estate Attorney’s select the co-branded version of the MemoryBanc Register Print EditionWe incorporate the firms logo into the cover page and pre-print the name and contact details of the estate attorney into the key contacts section. There is a one-time set up fee per print file of $45.00 which incorporates logo and office contact details

Each branded, gift-boxed copy is provided at the wholesale cost of $29.00 plus tax and shipping. Orders must be placed in blocks of ten. Ask us for a free consultation to learn of some other unique ways to tailor the MemoryBanc Register for your client needs.

Additional options to meet your specific needs include:
  • Tailored Binders. We can tailor our MemoryBanc Register to fit your specific needs. We can provide 2” binders with additional card holders and pockets as well as provide customized tabs for your delivery needs. Contact us to set up a free consultation and bid proposal.
  • Newletter Content. We are happy to allow our partners to reprint our articles in your print and online newsletters. We ask that you source the article to Kay Bransford, Chief Curator, MemoryBanc. If requested, we will tailor word count and text to suit your needs. A few sample articles include:
    >> The Digital Keys to Your Estate
    >> Divide and Conquer and the Modern Family
    >> Recognizing Dementia: Repeated Conversations
  • EBook Edition. We also offer an eBook edition that can be purchased at wholesale pricing as well as tailored to meet your clients specific preferences.
  • Customer Presentations. Two of the most popular presentations Kay provides include Which Papers Are Important? which focuses on the documents and details that should be kept and why; and Recognizing and Managing the Needs of a Loved One with Dementia. See a list of current events here.