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Kay H. Bransford is a Daily Money Manager and the best-selling author of MemoryBanc: Your Workbook for Organizing Life. She has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, The Huffington Post, and BBC, in addition to many television and radio programs, to educate families, caregivers, and retirees on why getting organized is important to the well-being of every adult. The company Kay founded, MemoryBanc, received an “Older-Adult Focused Innovation” award from AARP Foundation, her Dealing with Dementia blog was recognized as a “Top Alzheimer’s Blog” by Healthline for 2016, 2017, and 2018, and her workbook was named a “Book of the Year” by Today’s Caregiver. She has taught hundreds of classes and workshops on life preparedness to help other families get organized and live well.

Vivian Gervase
Vivian joined Memorybanc in 2018 with over 15 years of personal and executive assistant experience. She has provided support to executives within a boutique international law firm, financial management firm and an assisted living facility in the DC area. Vivian graduated from University of Maryland with additional graduate coursework in Conflict Management at John Hopkins University.  She resides with her husband and two young children in Vienna, Virginia.  Her hobbies include fitness, health, and coffee tasting.

How MemoryBanc got started.
When my parents had trouble remembering how to manage the checkbook, or even where the checkbook was, I stepped in to assist them. They had Wills, a Trust and the Power of Attorney was done, but that doesn’t really help you when you need to manage the day-to-day affairs. I also found several financial institutions that refused to acknowledge the Durable Power of Attorney because it was more than 2 and 5 years old. I also needed to know where to find and have access to their banking and financial accounts; I needed to know their medical history so I could be their health care advocate; I had to manage their household and know what service plans they had in place–all the little things most of us keep in our heads.

I created an organization system that held all of this information and that I could share with my siblings, so they could easily step in and take over for me when I was out of town.

Friends and colleagues asked for copies, so I developed and launched MemoryBanc®. The MemoryBanc Register organizes the documents and details a loved one would need to step in and assist you while honoring your personal wishes. It lead to our “Older-Adult Focused Innovation”

Thank you for your interest in my business.

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